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Metta World Peace Is a Stupid Name

So it happens that I’m watching the Lakers-Mavs game on ESPN, because there’s nothing else to do.  And I can’t help but notice (again) that the Artist Formerly Known as Ron Artest now styles himself Metta World Peace.  The back of his jersey literally says “World Peace” on it.  The announcers are saying things like “Kobe gets the assist from World Peace.”  I’ve been meaning to rant about this for a while now, and since I’ve got the forum… 

Look, I don’t give a shit what Ron Artest wants to call himself.  If he legally wants to change his name to Metta World Peace or Arboretum Phalanges or Sookie Stackhouse or whatever, I don’t care.  Free country, right?  And if it gives him pleasure to endorse his paychecks as Lorenzo von Matterhorn, then I suppose he’s entitled.

But dude.  Putting it on your basketball jersey so the fans have to look at it.  Making it your official professional name so the announcers actually have to say things like “And World Peace has been ejected for punching the referee.”  Not cool.

What kind of a statement does Artest think he’s making, anyway?  Is he so vain that he thinks he’s actually advertising for world peace and universal brotherhood, like he says?  Because it’s not like he’s that important.  And frankly, seeing “World Peace” on the back of Ron Artest’s jersey is like if Tim Tebow decided to change his last name to “Ho’ Smacker.”  It just doesn’t fit the image either man has cultivated.

Maybe that’s it.  Maybe he changed his name so it would be a constant reminder to him to behave better.  Kind of like Demi Lovato is supposed to have gotten those wrist tattoos, you know, to ward off feelings of inadequacy?  If that’s the case, then may I make a suggestion to the next celebrity who decides to do something similar.  Put a reminder in your PDA.  Join Kaballah and get one of those little strings, or start wearing a WWJD bracelet.   Maybe (gasp) you could actually just start behaving different.  But whatever you do, keep it to yourself.  I don’t need to have it shoved in my face.

I’ll be honest.  I kind of hope Ron Artest reads this, gets in touch with me, and lets me have it.  “World Peace hates my guts” would be an awesome line on my resume.


5 Responses to “Metta World Peace Is a Stupid Name”

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  2. “World Peace” is simply a stupid name. It also has NOTHING to do with 9/11 even if he think it does !!!!

    It seems to me that he wanted to say that now that Three Thousand Plus people have been MURDERED in the Twin Towers it’s time for “world peace” !!!

    WRONG !!!! Once “peace” is called for instead of any kind of retaliation against an ENEMY that has MURDERED THOUSANDS OF YOUR PEOPLE, the Whole World will have ANYTHING BUT PEACE !!!!!

    Those same MURDERERS will DO IT AGAIN without a doubt whenever they WANT TO !!!!



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    […]Metta World Peace Is a Stupid Name « Nothing But Rants[…]…

  4. What a stupid, mush-minded liberal “feel good” name! I will NEVER call him that. He is Ron Artest for good and forever. Only a real bleeding heart idiot would think of that. Also an insult to his parents and family. I’d have had a bit more respect for the guy if he went by “World Freedom”. Freedom IS the ultimate goal, not merely “peace” — because peace without freedom is slavery. Ron Artest — change that moniker back, fool!!!!1

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