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The Final Four

So it happens that I really want someone else to be President in 2013.  Barack Obama has been pretty bad.  Which doesn’t surprise me.  I figured he’d be pretty bad, which is why I voted for John McCain last time despite some misgivings there.

Yet the Republican Party seems determined to NOT give me anyone to vote for.  Let’s run down the list:

The current delegate leader is Mitt Romney, the former Massachusetts governor.  In spite of the fact that he basically authored ObamaCare:  State Edition, and that he’s flip-flopped on every important issue to conservatives BUT that…in spite of the fact that he’s basically a used-car salesman who inexplicably showed up at the wrong office…in spite of the fact that his greatest qualification to be president is his admittedly stunning hair…Romney is widely seen as the best alternative to take down Obama.  This in itself should tell you something about the Republican field.

The current national poll leader is Rick Santorum.  A controversial former Pennsylvania senator who just can’t keep from getting dragged back to social issues even in an election that should be all about the economy, Santorum comes off more as a prickly schoolmarm than as a candidate for president.  He seems to love to talk about homosexuality, he loves to spend government money, and he thinks that you’re entitled to pursue all the happiness you want as long as what makes you happy fits his religious beliefs.  Nominating him would be a great way to give Obama four more years.

The only other candidate who’s won a state is former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich.  In office, he has the most conservative record of the four, and he’s actually balanced a budget.  But he can’t run his campaign, his tendency to run with whatever idea gets lodged in his head produces far more bad results than good ones historically, and his personal discipline is far more in question than any other candidate in the race.  Plus, his personal life skeeves me out, and makes him smell like a rank hypocrite with all that stuff during the Clinton years.

And then there’s the only non-“former” in the race, Texas congressman Ron Paul.  His economic views at least sometimes have a nodding acquaintance with sense.  But his foreign policy views are disastrous, he’s getting far too old to be president, and he signed his name for years to (and made a substantial profit from) a newsletter best described by the phrase “KKK-friendly.”  He’s like your nutty Uncle Ron that sits in the corner at all the family reunions, and your mom tells you gently not to get him started.  It’s a toss-up whether Santorum or Paul would be the greater electoral disaster.

You know, is it so much to ask that our system give me somebody to vote FOR?  Even McCain, despite my reservations about him, had at least one thing I could admire without reservation.  He was an honest-to-God hero.  Now I’m actually going to have to vote for one of THESE four in the primaries…and probably in the general as well.

Well, guess I’ll swallow THAT poison when I come to it.


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