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Charles Blow is a Bigot

So it happens that, after I made my post yesterday about racism and Jeremy Lin, somebody left the following well-reasoned rebuttal as a comment, reprinted here in its entirety:

“u fckin asshole”

I’m kind of surprised they were able to spell one word of three correctly.

Look, I’m not a fan of bigotry.  In any of its forms.  Bigots are just lousy people, and even if I don’t think there should be legal sanctions against them just for being bigoted, people of good will have both the right and the responsibility to avoid the bastards.  But whatever Anthony Federico is, I’m fairly sure he’s not a bigot.  You wanna know who is, though? This guy.

All you assholes who are still like “Oh, that ESPN guy should totally have been fired, ’cause he was a racist, and even if he wasn’t a racist then he was all negligent” — are you going to campaign for the firing of this guy?

Charles Blow would have the perfect last name if you just tacked “hole” or “itoutyourass” onto the end.  He’s a professional moron who happens to be a well-listened-to professional moron because the New York Times is run by people who haven’t got the sense God gave an inbred walrus, and so they hired him to show America how ignorant he is on a regular basis.  I suppose it’s nice that there are jobs for the functionally retarded.

But seriously, this is bigotry.  A New York Times columnist has no qualms about making a joke about someone of a different religion, under his real name.  Oh yeah, he’s since apologized.  Which means nothing.  The apology is not so much a “Sorry I said that, it was wrong,” as it is a “Sorry I got caught by the magic underwear crowd.”

Unfortunately, Blow will never be fired for what was a conscious choice to insult an entire religion.  Part of that is because he’s a “professional columnist,” which is just another way of saying that he blows (heh) shit on a regular basis for a paycheck.  I blow shit on a regular basis, but I do it for free and it’s better than his.  But another part, frankly, is because the man is black, and if you were to fire him you’d get pasted by the Al Sharpton professional-victimizer crowd.  Never mind that he tarred a whole faith with his comments.  It’s okay to laugh at them, because Mormons are silly.  Right?  Also, most Mormons don’t read the New York Times.

So the lesson here?  You can’t fire a bigoted black man, because then you’re a racist.  But you can fire a white man who used an un-PC word on accident, because you’d be a racist if you didn’t.

Sometimes I hate the world.


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