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Person of the Week: Kevin Durant

So it happens that somebody won the NBA All-Star Game MVP last week, and then pretty much singlehandedly sunk the Orlando Magic in the fourth quarter a few days later.  Accordingly, this week’s Person of the Week is Kevin Durant.

Now, I just love this guy.  He’s the most down-to-earth superstar in NBA history, maybe in all of sports history.  He can smoke your ass for 30 points, and then he’ll go hug his mom courtside.  He can make the most ridiculous dunks and layups, and he’s starting to be able to hit that jaw-dropping Nowitzki fadeaway.  If he ever gets to the point where he’s making that consistently, the only way to defend him will be to kneecap the guy before he gets on the court.

And if anyone kneecaps Kevin Durant, they’re gonna answer to ME.  You don’t want to have 230 pounds of pasty-faced, slack-jawed, lady-armed fury drop down on you.  You’d laugh yourself to death.

Anyway, a big shout-out to Kevin Durant, the NBA’s very own giant Black Basketball Jesus.


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