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Charles Blow is a Bigot

February 28, 2012

So it happens that, after I made my post yesterday about racism and Jeremy Lin, somebody left the following well-reasoned rebuttal as a comment, reprinted here in its entirety: “u fckin asshole” I’m kind of surprised they were able to spell one word of three correctly. Look, I’m not a fan of bigotry.  In any […]

Metta World Peace Is a Stupid Name

February 22, 2012

So it happens that I’m watching the Lakers-Mavs game on ESPN, because there’s nothing else to do.  And I can’t help but notice (again) that the Artist Formerly Known as Ron Artest now styles himself Metta World Peace.  The back of his jersey literally says “World Peace” on it.  The announcers are saying things like […]