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Grant Hill Is Gay

March 1, 2012

So it happens that I’m watching the Magic and the Thunder play on TNT, because I think it’s funny to watch Orlando fans cling to the few remaining shreds of hope they have that Dwight Howard will still be on their team come April.  It’s gonna be like watching the Lebacle all over again, except […]

Stop Being Lin-tolerant

February 27, 2012

So it happens that there’s an NBA player named Jeremy Lin.  If you haven’t had your head up your ass for the past few weeks, you likely know who he is even if you don’t give two shits about basketball.  He’s a Harvard man, the current starting point guard for the New York Knicks, and […]

Metta World Peace Is a Stupid Name

February 22, 2012

So it happens that I’m watching the Lakers-Mavs game on ESPN, because there’s nothing else to do.  And I can’t help but notice (again) that the Artist Formerly Known as Ron Artest now styles himself Metta World Peace.  The back of his jersey literally says “World Peace” on it.  The announcers are saying things like […]